Designers are problem solvers, they create work that is meant to be seen by an array of individuals to promote, sell, and present messages. However, if a team of creatives aren’t diverse, how can they truly promote a diverse message that is recognized by clients and the public? 

Today, approximately 86% of professional designers are Caucasian. If you take a look at design magazines and publishing this becomes clearly apparent. 

Minority groups have a big influence on our society. For example, Hispanics are influencing all parts of society, from education, products and television programming. In fact, Univision is often one of the top four most watched television networks, ahead of NBC, according to Nielsen. We need designers that represent the whole.

Though the numbers could improve, there are African Americans in this field creating work and projects that you’ve seen or used. This page will show African American designers that are currently active in the field. They represent the diverse skills and the career paths associated with graphic design.

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